Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I pre ordered this laptop and have had it for a few weeks now but last night had an issue where the fan was basically stuck on high no matter what I did.

I tried turning everything off, rebooted, shut down and restarted.

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Today after being off all night it was on high for a while when it started but seems to be working normal again? Has anyone had an issue like this before? I had the same problem as well specifically on the left fan only.

Reset windows a few times and nothing has changed. GPU fan so loud I've got the problem with GPU fan, it so loud with temperature about 40 degrees and I can't regulate it with "gaming center", fan speed the same for different modes. Helper app for android says, that GPU fan speed more than I am having the same problem, the fan starts running full speed on startup and after a few hours it sometimes returns to normal. I have updated the bios and installed all drivers from the asus support website, but that does not help.

Any ideas? If you cannot update because you have the last version, flash it with EZ flash. The problem may be a hardware issue, but it is more likely it is a software issue. Last edited by Hubertinnovation; at AM. Hi, the last two weeks I had no problems, but since last Friday the left-fan is at full speed all the time, while the system does absolutely nothing. I updated all drivers again and upgraded the bios to versionbut that didn't help.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this, as the laptop is unusable at the office and at meetings. Thanks, Jeroen. Originally Posted by eworuoewroiewriouoeiwur. Originally Posted by McCoy. Also, please notice that fan control on GLGS mostly exclusively belongs to hardware control. Thank you. Have you guys disable fast boot and then restart or shut down? Most of my issues with the GLVM dissapeared with fast boot.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

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cpu fan stuck at max speed

We will help you to resolve the issue. I like to inform you that the laptop fan works to reduce the machine's heat. If the fan is working continuously then the issue must be occurring due to the overheating. Usually, overheating occurs due to hardware issue. You may first check if any process is running high. Task Manager displays the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. While on the desktop, right-click on the taskbar, click on Task Manager.

Click on the Processes tab and check if any processes that is running high. If none of the process is running high then I suggest you to update the graphics card driver and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue persists even after updating the driver, I suggest you to check whether the cooling fan is working fine.

You can refer to the following steps to prevent the computer from overheating. I would suggest you to check with the following steps to try and resolve overheating issues:.

Try replacing them with new one. You can get it checked with professional expert. Lower energy consumption will result lower heat generation. This always generates heat inside laptop. You may close lid only if laptop will automatically go into sleep or hibernation mode. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. I have noticed others having difficulty with fan control so maybe additional information will help. Even without monitoring, Memtest86 causes that reassuring 'sounds like a vacuum cleaner' effect.

This is about half way between where I have set low rpm warning and max rpm of about rpm. Under extreme load fan speed will slowly increases by about rpm. This would not be a good thing with the covers on. I have been using Open Hardware Monitor to monitor tempter and fan speed. Please post back if you have any issues related to Windows and we will be glad to assist you further.

cpu fan stuck at max speed

On my laptop Asus - only with Windows 10 - the fan is always at top speed. So the fan is always at max speed when I am on Windows 7 even if I do nothing. To answer already questions from perplex people:. The reported Temperatures appear reasonable. After a quick look at the user's guide I find no mention if they may have decided to run the fan full time. Of course I have found nothing to suggest that they do not run the fan full time.Forum World Records.

Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Suddenly My laptop's fan are always running at full speed, it is so annoying that even without load you can hear the fans. CPU Can anyone help me how to fix this one? Every input is much Apprciated Status: Suddenly it went ok upon restarting. Last edited by ultimazlitezjc; at PM. Reason: Added Staus. I have the same fan issues I even did a fresh clean install of Windows Take a look at Do you have an errors in Device Manager code 10?

I'm dealing with this right now Is your power plan set to performance? Set it to balanced, and see if that makes a difference. Originally Posted by msang Originally Posted by Indyjones. Windows 10 does alot of things in the background without you knowing, like updates, bloatware and 3rd party programs. This will cause alot of system usage and hence the fan noise.

It detects anything that is running in the background and lets you disable it.My problem is the same as many others I have seen listed. Have tried all fixes listed. Power cord is fine, f10 will not start BIOS. No sign of overheating, capacitors all look good, am assuming it is motherboard or hard drive?? How do I check those? I was going to hook hard drive to another pic to check it, but can't find a cable to connect to the hard drive--it has a long connector with 7 pins, a gap, then 14 pins.

Go to Solution. Also, possibly, the power-supply. It must provide several different voltage-levels on different leads. Or, if there is more than one stick of RAM, remove one, and reboot. Try again, with the "other" RAM by itself. Ok, did that to check the motherboard, still the same problem. Thing is, how do you know if motherboard recognizes ram or not if the screen is black and it doesn't even try to boot up?

Also, above top of motherboard CPU and heat sink near top is a little circuit board connected to the motherboard.

cpu fan stuck at max speed

It has a little light that comes on green when I turn the pc on, if that is helpful. The motherboard deliberately does this, then detects the temperature of the motherboard and the CPU.

How to fix: CPU Fan Stuck at 100%

If everything is "cool" pun intendedand the motherboard is functioning correctlyit tells the fan to slow down. Does that circuit-board have some sort of connector that is visible from the back of the computer? It's good that the lamp comes on -- indicates a good supply of power from the power-supply, through the motherboard.

Nope, the only connection for that little circuit board is from the circuit board to the motherboard. The light comes on when I turn the power on, so I assume the green light indicates the motherboard is getting power? I may be trying to make too much sense of it, because to me the power for the motherboard should come in at the bottom, where the power cord connects. No beeps whatsoever, with ram removed, with ram in, with disc drive removed, with disc drive in.

Just fans running quickly, and they don't slow down. So the motherboard? I am out in the country without close by computer repair, so changing the motherboard is probably really difficult? I have no problem taking it out, but all the connections to it, however do I keep track and put them all back correctly, lol!A few days ago, I upgraded one more laptop from Windows 7 to Windows Important: Before you continue to the methods below, first install all available Windows updates and then check if the problem persists.

The first method to resolve the low CPU speed in Windows 10, is to set the processor performance state to maximum. To do that:.

At the search box type control panel and press Enter. Then expand the System cooling policy settings and make sure that is set to Activein order to avoid overheating. Now check your CPU Speed, and if the problem persists continue to next method.

In run command box, type msconfig press Enter to open the System Configuration utility. At Services tab, check the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox. Then press the Disable all button, to disable all non Windows services that start with Windows.

Then select the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager. Select one by one all startup items and click Disable. Finally click OK and restart your computer. Check if the CPU is working at full speed now. If the speed is normal, then open the System Configuration msconfig utility again and enable one by one the disabled services and programs and restart your system, until you find out which one cause the CPU to work with low speed.

The Intel Power Management, manages the power consumption on Intel processor based computers, but sometimes prevents the CPU to run at full speed when needed. To fix this issue:. After installation, test the CPU performance again. If the problem persists, then proceed and disable the Intel Power Management driver, by following the instructions below:.

Type exit to close command prompt and then restart your computer Exit and Continue to Windows In run command box, type regedit press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Double click at ' Start ' key. Modify the value data to ' 4 ' c. Click OK.

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If you need the CPU to work at full speed only when needed, change the value data to '1'. That's it!

how to solve cpu fan stuck

Which method worked for you?Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

This is a problem I've been having on pretty much a daily basis.

Lm741 ic

If I try manually turning the monitor back on, it will show that the VGA has no signal and turn off again right away.

The only way to get the computer working again is to use the power button on it and power it off, then power it back on. This happens about once a day at random times.

Occasionally it will happen twice in a day. I've tried going into a bunch of the power settings and setting it to never shut down or sleep, etc, but that didn't help anything. I don't think overheating is a problem, as the computer is always very cool to the touch. For the past couple weeks, in an attempt to find what the problem was I tried to keep the task manager open in hopes of seeing if there was a certain program that showed signs of being the problem at the freeze times- when the computer suddenly freezed up, I would immediately look at the task manager as much as I could before the monitor turned off.

And when I checked the Problem Reports in the action center, it seems to list the problem under "hardware error" and Codelike this:. Description A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. The computer works great the rest of the time and I can't really afford to buy a new one right now, so I'm hoping to keep this one as long as I can. I'm sure it's unhealthy for the computer to need to be rebooted so often like this, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help.

Thank you!! I can imagine the inconvenience experienced by you and will certainly help you in the right direction to fix the issue. However, I would appreciate if you could answer a few questions to narrow down the issue in order to provide you with better assistance.From boot up to shut down, my CPU fan runs at full speed.

There is no variability. It is extremely loud all the time. Otherwise the computer has been flawless and fast for several years. It started after very briefly unplugging and plugging in the fan to the motherboard while the pc was on.

I have tried every setting I can think of in the bios and have the bios up to HP Assistant's latest version of 8. System Board is identified as 2AD5 1.

On an Asus notebook the fan stays at top speed...

Go to Solution. This statement might be the clue "It started after very briefly unplugging and plugging in the fan to the motherboard while the pc was on.

No doubt the unplugging and plugging the fan back in roughly uplugged for seconds caused the fan to run at full speed. I'm just trying to solve the issue without throwing the otherwise great, pc away. Not sure it helps but the why was because I heard a slight fan noise possibly dust build up rubbing that I was trying to isolate between the 3 fans inside the case.

Thank you for the temp tool idea. It reports Intel Core i7 temperatures across 4 cores with min values varying from F and max values between and F. To be clear, do you believe the sensor prong in the cable connector is broken or that the fan itself houses a sensor that could be broken and replacing will rectify?

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Next would be to try a new fan. If this is a normal CPU cooler, it should fairly easy to find a replacement. Since that is an Intel, they use Intel fans with standard specs, i believe. The correct way to answer such a "compound" phrase that contains the word 'or' is to answer 'yes'. Hopefully, the "breakage" is contained within the fan assembly, or within the connector that connects to the 3 pins on the motherboard -- not within the 3-pins on the motherboard.

I will post back results. I have the same problem, but caused after a BIOS driver update. It's been running fine, fan and all, except occaisionally it would give BIOS error beeps 3 long, 3 short.

I read that a few people had this problem and that downloading the BIOS driver update would fix it, so that's what I tried to do. When I restarted, the fans now run at full speed, even at idle when temps are cool. They always ran quiet before, even while gaming it rarely got this loud.

Now, a mistake on my part is that I downloaded an extra driver, as it was on the list of drivers for my product, but I didn't notice that it had a different motherboard ID.

I'm not sure if the wrong driver went through and messed this up or if the correct driver overrode that but still caused this issue. If it is the latter, I need to know why it messed with my fan speed and how I can fix it? Any help is appreciated!